Insolvency: towards a rebalancing in favor of the creditor as a better guarantee for the foreign investor?

Insolvency - April 16, 2014

French insolvency is less favorable to the creditor than its western neighbors. Current reforms show that an effective anti-crisis regulation needs to rely on a subtle balance between an optimal prevention of the difficulties a company might face in order to ensure its survival and an adequate protection for the creditor to increase the attractiveness of […]

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Confidential procedures and Community regulation 1346/2000: an impossible union?

Insolvency - December 19, 2013

In the present juncture, the creed of a good anti-crisis insolvency proceedings tool relies on the effective protection of creditors and the optimal prevention of company difficulties, in the earliest possible stages. A paradox and a difficult task adequately illustrated by the 1346/2000 Regulation modification proposal on matters of insolvency proceedings. The December 12th 2012 […]

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