IR Global Annual Conference 2015

rothpartners will participate in the “IR Global Annual Conference – An Original Composition” which will be held from September 27 to September 29 2015 in London.

The goal of IR Global events is to promote international collaboration and networking.

The London event focuses on developing trust and relationships within the group, with a perspective of future referrals and collaboration between members. Therefore one part of the event consists of group discussions in form of break out sessions matching relevant attendees together to share common ideas in specific areas of interest i.e. Real Estate and Deal Makers.

The other part of the event includes exclusive presentations as well as trainings i.e. “How to craft original content so your firm stands out from the crowd”.

Christian ROTH will have a slightly high profile role as “Head of Table” of the Deal Makers Group. He will be introducing attendees and coordinating discussions.

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Looking forward to seeing you in London.

The rothpartners team