rothpartners wins IR Global Member of the Year Award 2015

Christian Roth and his team have been selected by IR Global International Network as winners of the 2015 Member of the Year Award in London on Tuesday, September 29th 2015.

IR Global is a network of over 800 advisers from around the world operating across Legal, Accountancy, Financial and Transaction Services. The group has representatives in over 150 jurisdictions and offers the world’s largest vetted network of leading firms.

The IR Global Member of the Year Award distinguishes advisors from the IR Global Network for their experience and work done with the network, especially with other IR members, as well as for their future plans with IR Global. The 2014 Award distinguished Nicholas V. CHEN and the PAMIR LAW GROUP of Taiwan and China.

rothpartners was first shortlisted by the managers of IR, then selected with two other nominees based in London and Sidney, amongst over 800 advisors of the network. During the 2015 Annual Conference held from September 27th to 29th in London, members selected rothpartners.

rothpartners is very implicated in the network. The firm has participated so far in every event, publishes a newsletter in which one IR Global member has the possibility to publish an article with a topic from his jurisdiction, has collaborated with other IR Global advisers on international cases and has usefully recommended IR Global members to its clients who searched a reliable partner for their projects abroad. The contacts made during the IR Global events or via face-to-face meetings which rothpartners organizes in Paris or worldwide create trustworthy relationships. The rothpartners team uses those relationships for their international projects and thereby offers to its clients a flexible, liable and large range of competences without geographic limits.

rothpartners is very honored by this distinction awarded by IR Global members and continues willingly next year to cooperate and work with other members in this particularly dynamic and innovative network.

The rothpartners team

From left to right: Ross Nicholls (IR Global), Christian Roth and Veruschka Möller (rothpartners), Tom Wheeler (IR Global)

From left to right: Ross Nicholls (IR Global), Christian Roth and Veruschka Möller (rothpartners), Tom Wheeler (IR Global)